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// URLPattern.swift
// FlintCore
// Created by Marc Palmer on 21/05/2018.
// Copyright © 2018 Montana Floss Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// The interface to a URLPattern that can be matched to an incoming path and generate "reverse" paths
public protocol URLPattern {
/// The URL pattern string to match
var urlPattern: String { get }
/// Indicates whether or not this pattern is capable of generating paths - some kinds of patterns
/// have wildcard sections that cannot be populated when generating a path, so they are not useful for link generation
var isValidForLinkCreation: Bool { get }
/// Attempt to match the given URL path to this pattern, parsing out any parameters encoded in the path
/// - return: The parameters extracted from the URL, or an empty dictionary if the match succeeded. `nil` if not.
func match(path: String) -> [String:String]?
/// Attempt to build a URL path using the given parameters
func buildPath(with parameters: [String:String]?) -> String?
public class AnyURLPattern: URLPattern {
public let urlPattern: String
public let isValidForLinkCreation: Bool
private let matchFunction: (_ path: String) -> [String:String]?
private let buildPathFunction: (_ parameters: [String:String]?) -> String?
init<PatternType>(pattern: PatternType) where PatternType: URLPattern {
urlPattern = pattern.urlPattern
isValidForLinkCreation = pattern.isValidForLinkCreation
matchFunction = pattern.match(path:)
buildPathFunction = pattern.buildPath(with:)
public func match(path: String) -> [String:String]? {
return matchFunction(path)
/// Attempt to build a URL path using the given parameters
public func buildPath(with parameters: [String:String]?) -> String? {
return buildPathFunction(parameters)
public static func ==(lhs: AnyURLPattern, rhs: AnyURLPattern) -> Bool {
return lhs.urlPattern == rhs.urlPattern &&
lhs.isValidForLinkCreation == rhs.isValidForLinkCreation
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