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// PurchaseBrowserFeature.swift
// FlintUI-iOS
// Created by Marc Palmer on 20/02/2019.
// Copyright © 2019 Montana Floss Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import FlintCore
/// Use to show a purchase browser UI that displays the current purchase status
/// of all purchases required by Features currently declared with Flint.
/// Perform the `show` action to present the browser from a `UIViewController` or
/// `UINavigationController`.
final public class PurchaseBrowserFeature: ConditionalFeature {
public static var description: String = "UI for browsing the status of Purchases"
public static func constraints(requirements: FeatureConstraintsBuilder) {
requirements.iOSOnly = .any
public static var isEnabled: Bool?
public static let show = action(ShowPurchaseBrowserAction.self)
public static let hide = action(HidePurchaseBrowserAction.self)
public static func prepare(actions: FeatureActionsBuilder) {
isEnabled = Flint.purchaseTracker != nil
final public class ShowPurchaseBrowserAction: FlintCore.UIAction {
public typealias InputType = NoInput
public typealias PresenterType = UIViewController
public static var description: String = "Shows a UI for browsing the status of Purchases"
public static var hideFromTimeline: Bool = true
public static func perform(context: ActionContext<InputType>, presenter: PresenterType, completion: Completion) -> Completion.Status {
let purchaseStatusViewController = PurchaseBrowserViewController.instantiate()
if let navigationController = presenter as? UINavigationController {
context.logs.development?.debug("Presenting Purchase Status VC on navigation controller")
navigationController.pushViewController(purchaseStatusViewController, animated: true)
} else {
context.logs.development?.debug("Presenting Purchase Status VC modally")
presenter.present(purchaseStatusViewController, animated: true)
return completion.completedSync(.successWithFeatureTermination)
final public class HidePurchaseBrowserAction: DismissingUIAction {
public static var description: String = "Dismisses a Purchase browser"
public static var hideFromTimeline: Bool = true