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Early Access 1.0.3

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@marcpalmer marcpalmer released this 04 Sep 17:25
· 131 commits to master since this release

We've tagged a new 1.0.3 early access release that you can build apps against. This is an important release that slightly changes to way action completion is handled was well as action outcome handling. These are source-breaking changes. However the changes are well worth it and tick off some of the long-running tasks from the roadmap two 1.0 GM convergence.

  • Replaced completion handlers on Action.perform with new Completion type to reduce bugs and clarify intent
  • Improved ActionPerformOutcome values to have clearer intent
  • New simple API to get a context-specific loggers from a feature
  • Changed the argument name of URLMapped.urlMappings() to routes
  • Several bug fixes including some permission request crashers