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Early Access 1.0.4

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@marcpalmer marcpalmer released this 11 Nov 15:57
· 115 commits to master since this release

This release includes basic Siri Shortcut support as well as several bug fixes and API improvements.

Your actions that support Activities can be registered as Siri shortcuts easily.

There is one source-breaking change — you will need to update existing code that conforms to the Action protocol to instead conform to UIAction. See below for details.

  • Automatic Siri Shortcut support for actions that support NSUserActivity through a new convention along with a new convention for showing the Add Voice Shortcut UI for a given action and input.
  • The new UIAction protocol for most app UI actions to use for automatically dispatching them to the main queue in the main session. This paves the way for IntentAction in future too, for automatic intent dispatch from intent extensions
  • Extension safe APIs option is now turned on in builds
  • The ZIPFoundation dependency has been removed. You can remove this from your projects.

The API and guide documentation has been updated at, as has the Flint Demo project which now supports adding voice shortcuts to open specific notes.