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Early Access 1.0.5

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@marcpalmer marcpalmer released this 26 Jan 13:50
· 98 commits to master since this release

This release includes comprehensive support for Siri Shortcuts and Intent extensions as well as bug fixes and API improvements as we converge to 1.0 final! Thank you to everybody who has provided feedback through this process.

You can now easily write Actions that are invoked from Intent Extensions for shortcuts that can run without launching your app, and donate shortcuts for Intent-based shortcuts.

There is one breaking source change: the activityTypes convention on Action has been renamed to activityEligibility to avoid ambiguity with activityType on NSUserActivity.

Changes of note:

  • New IntentAction for Siri Intent actions, with a new perform(intent:, completion:) call you invoke from your Intent Extension #211
  • New automatic Siri Shortcut donation for Intents associated with something the users have just done in the app
  • Explicit support for donateToSiri() on IntentActions so you can register your intents with Siri #113
  • New persistent File logging support, integrated with gatherReportZip() #219
  • New setLoggingLevel and disableLogging convenience functions on all Features to selectively change logging levels
  • New support for persistentIdentifier in the Activity builder, so you can later delete NSUserActivity registered with the system #217

The API and guide documentation has been updated at, as has the Flint Demo project which now supports adding voice shortcuts to open specific notes.