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@marcpalmer marcpalmer released this Apr 6, 2019 · 61 commits to master since this release

This is a significant release that brings support for App Store purchase tracking for Features that require purchases, a debug purchase tracker and debug UI for iOS and... support for installing Flint as a dependency using Cocoapods. Carthage remains the recommended way to install, but we think developers out there with projects using Cocoapods will be happy with this news.

  • New StoreKitPurchaseTracker implementation that does basic payment queue observing + storage of purchase status to establish whether features that require purchases are enabled
  • New DebugPurchaseTracker which provides runtime overrides of purchase status, working standalone or proxying a real instance of e.g. StoreKitPurchaseTracker to provide development-time override of real sandbox purchase status
  • New PurchaseBrowserFeature in FlintUI for iOS and tvOS, which will browse the list of purchases used by all features in the app, showing current status and allowing you to easily override them at runtime if you have a DebugPurchaseTracker configured
  • New Podspecs for FlintCore and FlintUI and inclusion in the Cocoapods repository to support installing Flint in your projects using Cocoapods
  • New configuration closures in Flint.quickSetup and Flint.setup for safe initialisation of dependencies you pass to Flint, so that Flint logging can be used in these, and avoiding double-instantiation of default implementations
  • Improvements to URL Route rendering in debug UIs
  • Improvements to Purchase constraint status rendering in debug UIs
  • Fix compile issue on iOS 10 and Core Motion
  • Fixes to imports to support CocoaPods
  • Reorganisation of some platform-specific source into folders based on framework requirements e.g. UIKit-Specific or StoreKit-Specific to make Cocoapod include/exclude patterns simple across platforms
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