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Sep 09, 2012

  1. Sascha Montellese

    addons: don't show a GUI notification for addons installed as a depen…

    …dency of another addon installation
  2. Jezz

    Changed: [Confluence] Made the Full screen player controls 20% bigger…

    … (may need to redo the graphics in future for better sharpness)
    JezzX authored
  3. [fix] code checked in that didn't compile.

    Jim Carroll authored
  4. davilla clean up and add USE_OMXLIB to build control

    davilla authored
  5. Damian Huckle

    Merge pull request #1310 from Karlson2k/AE_fix_1

    [AE][Win] win32 fixes
    DDDamian authored
  6. davilla

    fixed broken build when HAS_DVD_DRIVE is not defined

    davilla authored

Sep 08, 2012

  1. Damian Huckle

    Merge pull request #1390 from Voyager-xbmc/ae-fix-remapping

    [AE] fix remapping - downmixing algorithm - good catch Voyager
    DDDamian authored
  2. Damian Huckle

    [AE][WASAPI] inject initial buffer of silence on first play as WASAPI…

    … seems to miss some starting audio
    DDDamian authored
  3. Damian Huckle

    [AE] Restore navsounds to default soft-suspend mode now used over pre…

    …vious AE constant streaming
    DDDamian authored
  4. fix FreeBSD build after 2d3c469

    simply add the TARGET_FREEBSD case
    Fneufneu authored
  5. davilla

    fixed compiler warning, SetFilePointer returns a DWORD, a DWORD is un…

    …signed so you cannot compare to -1, yet SetFilePointer uses lseek and that can return a -1 but it is cast to DWORD. So do the same case and pray it does the right thing.
    davilla authored
  6. davilla

    fixed build failure, use NULL for pointers not numbers

    davilla authored
  7. davilla

    bump pvr addons version

    davilla authored
  8. Michal Piechowiak

    add default labels for GUIDialogAddonSettings

    fixes empty buttons in addon settings dialog
    pieh authored
  9. Michal Piechowiak

    GUIDialogBoxBase: if no label was defined, use default one on init, n…

    …ot deinit
    pieh authored
  10. Michal Piechowiak

    CGUIDialogAddonSettings::FreeSections() should free sections

    pieh authored
  11. Sascha Montellese

    fix compilation after c38a55e

  12. Martijn Kaijser

    Merge pull request #1038 from waven/discstub

    Disc stubs: Display information that a optical disc drive is needed if a disc stub is selected on a system without any optical disc drive
    MartijnKaijser authored
  13. Martijn Kaijser

    Merge pull request #1356 from fetzerch/bugfix-isostack

    bugfix: fixed initial playback of stacked iso images
    MartijnKaijser authored
  14. Martijn Kaijser

    Merge pull request #1225 from thebandit/trust-scraper

    Only set season/epnum from filename when it is not already set by a scraper
    MartijnKaijser authored
  15. Michal Piechowiak

    Merge pull request #1283 from pieh/window_load_on_demand

    Keep GUIControls alive after window deinit
    pieh authored
  16. wsoltys

    Merge pull request #1339 from wsoltys/iosupport

    moved GetTrayState(), CloseTray(), EjectTray and ToggleTray() to the MediaManager
    wsoltys authored
  17. wsoltys

    moved GetTrayState(), CloseTray(), EjectTray and ToggleTray() to the

    MediaManager. Moved GetDeviceFileName to IStorageProvider. It could be
    even more moved to the platform storage source files but I didn't wanted to mess with all platform implementations nor put the default in the header  IStorageProvider.h
    wsoltys authored
  18. Memphiz

    [airplay] - fix assignment operator (still crashing somewhere else - …

    …but it gets better...)
    Memphiz authored
  19. Memphiz

    [airplay] - fix copy constructor of airplayserver - fixes crash which…

    … were exposed latly.
    Memphiz authored
  20. Memphiz

    [ios/atv2] - fix the linkpath in check_xbmc_dylib_depends before iter…

    …ating through the dependend libs
    Memphiz authored
  21. night199uk

    fix: ubuntu doesn't come with curl installed by default, apt-get it

    night199uk authored
  22. Sébastien Brochet

    Merge pull request #885 from blinkseb/harfbuzz

    [windows] [libass] add harfbuzz support for Arabic shaping
    blinkseb authored
  23. Sébastien Brochet

    [WIN32] [libass] fixed heap corruption when using in debug

    blinkseb authored
  24. Michal Piechowiak

    log: add window loadType to debug log on window load

    pieh authored
  25. Michal Piechowiak

    adjust GUIWindowSystemInfo: clear labels on window deinit

    pieh authored
  26. Michal Piechowiak

    adjust GUIDialogSmartPlaylistRule: clear rule spinner before filling …

    …it, clear rule and operand spinner on deinit and try to change value button to edit control just once on window load
    pieh authored
  27. Michal Piechowiak

    adjust GUIDialogSmartPlaylistEditor: move playlist type specific conf…

    …iguration to OnInitWindow
    pieh authored
  28. Michal Piechowiak

    adjust GUIDialogTextViewer: reset textarea and heading controls after…

    … deinit
    pieh authored
  29. Michal Piechowiak

    adjust GUIWindowFullscreen: don't toggle DynamicResourceAlloc, shuffl…

    …e deinit order a little and let generic window code to handle control unloading/freeing
    pieh authored
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