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#Thank you for trying CS_AddOnOrganizer!#

#-Version: 1.1011-#

 This mod allows you to turn on and off,
 all of you'r current mods in you'r addon
 directory. I made this because I wanted
 a simple and straight way to get an over-
 view of my addons, and a quick way to 
 enable and disable them.
 Now you can create profiles, load them
 and delete them. Something you all have
 been waiting for.

 Button added to the game main menu.
 This is placed below as there might be 
 changes to this menu in the near future.
 When a profile is selected the name is
 written in the textbox for a much better
 modification oportunity than having to 
 type an existing name to modify it.

 As you all have requested; Profiles have
 been implemented. To learn how to use these
 newly implemented profiles read the 
 "How-To". Also still programming on the 
 concept of K-I-S-S, "Keep It Simple Stupid"!

 Updated version and ui number to match the
 1.10 patch!
 Nothing new yet, but the old stuff works
 perfectly ;)

 Made Version number match Wow's two first
 digits. So this is version 00 :) heh...
 Added Moveable Frame and close on ecsape.
 Profiles are coming, and will now be easier
 with blizzard having implemented it :P.

 Code Cleanup, and added some small visual
 features for addons wich is enabled, but
 can't be loaded.

 Added Slash Command "/aoo" for simplicity.

 The bug with enable all,
 and disable all, have now been fixed!
 Thanks to Ezikial who reported them :)

 Fixed Bug when more than 22 mods are in the
 Fixed Bug when scrolling.

 V.1.0First release version, so no changes yet!
 Although any suggestions about eventual
 changes are welcome!

#-How to Use?:-#
 -Method #1:
  To open the CS_AddOnOrganizer, navigate
  to the keybindings area in the menu, and
  locate CS_AddOnOrganizer.
  Hereafter assign a key to open the

 -Method #2:
  Make a new macro and in the script write:

  /script CS_AddOnOrganizer_ListShowHide();

  And execute the macro.
 -Method #3:
  Same as method #2, only with the command
  '/aoo', this can also be used from the chat.

 -Method #4:
  Button added to the game main menu.

 -When you have it opened:
  Now all you need to do is to click the
  different addons, to change thier state
  from enabled to disabled. After all
  you'r changes have been made, click
  You can also click Enable all or the 
  disable all for a quicker way to do this.

  Press the button "Profiles..." and a small
  frame next to the main interface is shown.
  Press it again to close it.
  When you have it opened, set up you'r
  interfaces as you would like them in you'r
  new profile. When you have them all set
  as you like, write a name for the profile
  and press "Save". Now the profile is saved
  and can be restored from the dropdown list
  If you can't remember how a certain profile
  looked, you can always restore them from
  the list, and it will automatically turn
  the addons on and off in the original view.
  When you have selected a profile you would
  like to use, select it in the list, and 
  press "Accept" in the main window, and
  voilá! You're all set :D
 -Deleting Profiles:
  Select a profile from the list, and press
  "Delete" and the profile is gone.

 Arina lvl 60 warrior on Deathwing EU.

#-Have Fun! And I'll see you in Azeroth!-#


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