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Montreal Forced Aligner

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The Montreal Forced Aligner is a command line utility for performing forced alignment of speech datasets using Kaldi (

Please see the documentation for installation and usage.

If you run into any issues, please check the mailing list for fixes/workarounds or to post a new issue.


You can install MFA either entirely through conda or a mix of conda for Kaldi and Pynini dependencies and Python packaging for MFA itself

Conda installation

MFA is hosted on conda-forge and can be installed via:

conda install -c conda-forge montreal-forced-aligner

in your environment of choice.

Source installation

If you'd like to install a local version of MFA or want to use the development set up, the easiest way is first create the dev environment from the yaml in the repo root directory:

conda env create -n mfa-dev -f environment.yml

Alternatively, the dependencies can be installed via:

conda install -c conda-forge python=3.8 kaldi sox librosa biopython praatio tqdm requests colorama pyyaml pynini openfst baumwelch ngram

MFA can be installed in develop mode via:

pip install -e .[dev]

You should be able to see appropriate output from mfa version


The test suite is run via tox -e py38-win or tox -e py38-unix depending on the OS, and the docs are generated via tox -e docs

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