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File storage for the April 2013 Montreal R User Group Mini Hackathon
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Come hack with us! We would love for you to propose data and a related question. Prize for best data and question!

You can reach us by email at

Please upload a folder to this repository containing:

  • a basic script to access the online data from R
    • (so that most of the time is spent playing with the data not scrapping/getting it into R)
  • a pdf of your presentation (max 5 slides) containing a relevant question to be asked of the data
    • (so that we may combine all presentations for smooth sailing)

Looking forward to hacking at this data with all of you!

For downloading

  • You can download the whole repository using the zip button (a cloud with an arrow and the word zip)
  • You can fork the repo and clone your branch to your computer
  • If you are on mack you can sync with the by clicking the "clone in mac" button

  • To see PDFs click on their link and then click on "Raw"

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