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myTDX (my tiny todo extended)

As the name suggests, this project is heavily based on an old but very well done ajax todolist written by maxpozdeev/mytinytodo ( It also works quite well on mobile phones. The older project was resumed years after being frozen, and now the two variants have diverged significantly.

To see it in action ASAP, just rename "db_sample/" as "db/" to bypass the quick setup.

My fork adds some important features, especially for sharing with others, including developers. I wanted a small, fast, no-nonsense bugtracking system which anyone can understand, including my clients and the end users.

  • most notably, tasks now have visible identifiers to refer to. There was no way to point to tasks unambiguously (new in v1.5.3: an option in the Settings lets you hide them).

  • in addition to existing URL, notes can also embed cross-references to other tasks (just use #taskid). When you click on them you are redirected to the respective task.

  • this cross-reference is done via an enhanced search. You can now look for "#123" or simply its number to go to the respective task (and its notes will be opened). Looking for non-numerical text will search the titles and notes.

  • the incoming index URL also can provide the search string (use "?i=taskid" or "?s=keyword"). Thus, pointing directly to a specific task is done with ?i=123. This is convenient in order to send links by email, e.g. When you want all related tasks and cross-references you may prefer "?s=123" There is a very annoying bug though, as URLs cannot point and open a task that is not in the first list.

  • 1.5.2: you can write markdown in the notes (it can be deactivated in the settings)

  • the styles of tags can be customized easily, in addition to a few special prefixes: =state, @user, !highlight. I use them like "=acknoledged" or "=closed" for bug tracking, or "!discussion" to highlight the task, and someone can visibly be assigned to a task with @joe.

  • the tag list at the end of a task being edited now also shows tags from other lists. There is a setting to change this, but it helps keep things tidy. The grayed tags are "borrowed" from the other lists.

  • Finally, I added a backup system in case you are using sqlite (which I highly recommend here unless you really have a reason to use mysql). The duration of backup files is set in the settings, but their restoration must be done manually if ever something terrible happens (easy, it is one single file to rename).


My Tiny Todo, extended. A minimalist but functional todo list and feature/bugtrack.




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