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Email marketing platform for bulk emailing via Amazon SES (Google Cloud Platform and Azure coming soon)


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Send email marketing campaigns with Amazon SES. Let Amazon Lambda compose email by email and literaly scale it to infinite.

With MoonMail you can: create & edit lists of recipients (email addresses) and store them within a DynamoDB. Create & edit html email marketing campaigns, send them and track their opens and clicks.


See the wiki for detailed specs and infrastructure graphs.

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Getting Started


Notes about the serverless version

Version 0.5.x is required to run several parts of the MoonMail API such as the api and events sub-packages, for these, the root of the repository provides the required s-project.json, s-resources-cf.json and s-templates.json. Find more information about how to handle functions with serverless 0.5 here.

The rest of the services require serverless 1.x and are self-contained. For details on how to manage them, you should follow the instructions provided in their respective


Install serverless 0.5 globally:

yarn global add serverless@0.5.6

Install the root project dependencies:

yarn install

Install the API dependencies:

cd api && yarn install

Install the event processors' dependencies:

cd events && yarn install

Installing the dependencies for the rest of the services follow the same convention. You just need to cd into it and install its dependencies.

Initialize and configure the Serverless 0.5 project

sls project init -c -n your-lower-case-project-name

Configure the s-variables-<stage>-<region>.json files inside the _meta directory by providing the required variables.


Servereless 0.5 resources

Create all the needed resources in your AWS account:

sls resources deploy

Deploy all the Lambda functions:

sls function deploy

Deploy MoonMail events:

sls event deploy

Create the API Gateway endpoints:

sls endpoint deploy


Due to the amount of resources it might be difficult to deploy everything at once. It's totally fine to cd into sub-directories of api or events and perform the above mentioned actions in order to reduce the scope of deployments. Also, using the dash deploy subcommand might be useful when deploying independent functions. Aside from that, there are some functions depending on serverless 0.5 which require NodeJS > 4.3. For those, you will have to change the runtime version through the AWS Lambda Console because it's not supported to do so through Serverless on this version.

If the above doesn't solve your issues, there are a couple of things you should double check:

1.- Your current Serverless version (different parts of the project require different versions), this is how you can do it:

sls --version

2.- You have provided all the required variables in the _meta directory.

3.- An admin.env file should exist in the root of the project containing the AWS profile to be used by the deployments (this only applies for the function and resources depending on sls@0.5). Here is an example of what it should look like:


4.- The provided profile in admin.env should exist in your ~/.aws/credentials

Serverless 1.x resources

To configure and deploy these, you will have to follow the instructions provided in their respective

Live demo

If you have set up everything correctly you'll be able to send an email campaign using our demo ui


Please post your questions on StackOverflow and tag them with: moonmail.

Contributing Guidelines

Contributions are always welcome! If you'd like to collaborate with us, take into account that:

Feel free to contact us if you have any question


MoonMail is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Professional Help

If you need support getting MoonMail into production in your AWS account, contact the Email Marketing and Serverless Experts:

Promote your Serverless services by creating a MoonMail account

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