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Stupidly simple mobile first responsive CSS grid
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Pineapple Grid

Stupidly simple mobile first, responsive CSS grid system built with flexbox.

Vist for more details.

Getting started

  • Download the zip
  • Clone the repo: git clone

What's in the download?

Not alot really and that's the point! Just 500 odd lines of CSS for you to use as a responsive starting point.

Why use Pineapple when there are literally millions of others out there.

Pineapple dosn't assume much. There are no UI styles to overirde, no jQuery plugins or unwanted bloat. Just the grid!

  • Around about 500 lines of code
  • No overriding of pesky button styles
  • Simple to use and pick up
  • Based on a 12 column grid with gutters between.
  • Quickly built a responsive page with the supplied demo code and sketch files! (Coming soon)

Browser support

Built with flexbox. Please visit to check browser suppoprt.

  • Chrome latest
  • Firefox latest
  • Opera latest
  • Safari latest
  • IE latest


Pineapple Grid was created by Will Shalders.

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