Moon Motion Toolkit - Free and open source toolkit for VR locomotion
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Moon Motion

Free and open source toolkit for VR locomotion

Movement in Virtual Reality

The Moon Motion toolkit provides Unity developers everything they need to hit the ground running. Drop a ready-to-use VR Player into your scene, equipped with any of the Moon Motion locomotions. Take advantage of key player features such as object interactivity, camera smoothing, and dynamic player colliders.

Built on SteamVR

The toolkit is based on the SteamVR Interaction System, allowing for a consistent Valve approach to interactivity across all experiences.

New to VR development?

Now's the perfect time to get started. VR is a blue ocean, and by using this toolkit for free you'll already have an answer to locomotion. Let's create moving experiences!

Quick Links


Check to make sure you have installed the latest verified compatible Unity version. You can download the closest version available through the Unity Hub.

So far, Moon Motion is only sure to work with the Vive. Oculus testing wanted!

What's in the repo?

  • the Moon Motion project template:
    • the Moon Motion Toolkit plugin (including all locomotions, prefabs, utilities, example scenes, etc.)
    • an empty scene to start with
    • preconfigured project settings for Moon Motion physics layers and VR projects in general


Want to share your locomotion with the community? Moon Motion is open source. Feel free to fork the repo and make a pull request!