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Keep in mind the source licenses while working with Moon Motion. They are quite permissive, but need to be included and receive proper mention in your projects.

All assets in Moon Motion are under the MIT license, with the following exceptions:

Assets/Plugins/Moon Motion Toolkit/Plugins:
  • Most of the plugins are either offered as part of Moon Motion or simply follow Unity Asset Store terms.
  • However, both of the Valve plugins, the Unity SteamVR Plugin and the Moondust assets, contain their own licenses which you should familiarize yourself with.
    • Any project made with Moon Motion must continue to follow the Unity SteamVR Plugin's license, as it is core to Moon Motion functionality.
    • Moondust assets, on the other hand, are only used in the example scenes, as laid out below.
Assets/Plugins/Moon Motion Toolkit/Scenes:
  • If you are going to use the skybox from either of the example scenes, pay attention to the Moondust license.