@wolfbeast wolfbeast released this Sep 20, 2018 · 255 commits to Pale_Moon-release since this release

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This major update is focused on performance, security and some regression and bug fixes.


  • Updated NSS to 3.38, removed TLS 1.3 draft version check since it's considered final.
  • Reinstated RC4 as an optional encryption cypher for non-standard environments (e.g. old routing/peripheral networked hardware on LAN). RC4 and 3DES are marked weak and disabled, and will never be used in the first handshake with a site, only as last-ditch fallback when specifically enabled (meaning they won't show up on ssllabs' test, for example).
  • Removed Telemetry accumulation calls, automatic timers and stopwatches. This removes a very noticeable performance sink for all operations on all platforms.
  • Fixed many occurrences of discouraged types of memory access for primarily GCC 8 compatibility. This improves overall code security as a defense-in-depth measure.
  • Re-implemented the pref-controlled custom background color for standalone images.
  • Updated session history handling for internal pages. about:logopage is no longer stored in history, and you can choose to store the QuickDial page in history by setting the pref browser.newtabpage.add_to_session_history to true. This is disabled by default (meaning you can't use the "Back" button to go back to the QuickDial page) as a defense-in-depth security measure.
  • Added ui.menu.allow_content_scroll to control whether content can be scrolled if a context menu is open.
  • Fixed incorrect code removal in ipc.
  • Removed support for TLS session caches in TLSServerSocket.
  • Added support for local-ref as SVG xlink:href values.
  • Changed the find bar to be a browser-global toolbar again (like in Pale Moon 27) instead of per-tab. For people who prefer search terms to be saved on a per-tab basis (like with the per-tab findbar previously), this is possible by setting findbar.termPerTab to true. This resolves a number of issues, including styling with lightweight themes not applying to the find bar, and status pop-ups overlapping the find bar.
  • Ported all relevant security fixes from Mozilla's Gecko/62 release, including CVE-2018-12377 and CVE-2018-12379.
  • Restored part of the searchplugin API that was removed by Mozilla, so extensions can provide and save edits to installed search engines.
  • Improved the speed of restoring browsing sessions upon startup.
  • Fixed the "Restore previous session" button sometimes being missing from about:home, while a restorable session would be present.
  • Fixed tab previews in the Windows taskbar (if enabled).
  • Fixed the setting of the new tab page being "My Home Page" so it'll pick up subsequent changes to the home page URL automatically.
  • Removed the Firefox Accounts migrator from Sync.
  • Fixed an issue with the enabled state of number controls if appearances changed.
  • Stopped building ffvpx on 32-bit platforms (except windows) to use the (faster) system-installed lib instead.
  • Re-added a horizontal scroll action option for mouse wheel. (regression)
  • Fixed handling of content language if the locale is changed.
  • Fixed document navigation with the F6 key.
  • Fixed toolbar styling in toolkit themes.
  • Fixed viewing the source of a selection.