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Development bounty program

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Development Bounty Program

As part of our community engagement efforts, we've started a Development Bounty Program for particularly challenging issues in the browser. Issues that are confirmed to have a bounty attached will have the Bounty label attached to the issue in the GitHub issue tracker. You can see a list of these bugs by using GitHub's issue search URL as follows:

Some important notes about bounties paid:

  • The height of the bounty is determined on a per-case basis, depending on expertise and amount of work required
  • Bounties will be determined and paid after the issue has been verified solved.
  • A typical bounty will be in the order of $50 to $250 (USD), but may be higher depending on the overall complexity of the issue, complexity of the solution, and importance of the issue to the project.
  • Bounties for large/complex issues may be shared between multiple people, if multiple people work as a team to solve it.
  • Bounties will in principle be paid via PayPal only. In exceptional cases we may arrange other payment methods for bounty amounts, but only as a final option.
  • If you wish to work on a Bounty-labeled issue, please communicate to us that you want to take the issue and work on it, to prevent double work. Please understand that taking an issue means you are promising us you will be working on it short term. We will mark it assigned in that case.
  • If you are actively working on a Bounty-labeled issue after communicating you are taking the bug, you have to actually work on it so as to not claim an issue and then have it stall. If you are unable to solve the issue, ask for it to be opened up again to others. We expect visible progress in terms of work done after taking an issue. Show us you're actually doing what you promise :)

So, to recap, this is the sequence of events for a Bounty-labeled issue:

  1. You find an issue you want to work on
  2. You post a comment to the issue, stating you want to take it
  3. You work on the issue to solve it, i.e. by forking our repo, working in a feature branch, then creating a pull request when ready
  4. You provide us with regular status updates of progress for larger issues that take more time
  5. Your solution to the issue is tested, verified, and merged into our repo
  6. We determine the final height of the bounty
  7. We contact you to get your bounty paid
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