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This is a MKMapView extension written by Swift for supporting zoom level, the code is referenced from Troy Brant's Blog.
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这是关于 MKMapView 写的一个基于 Swift 的扩展,可以扩展 MKMapView 的相关功能,减少复用代码量。


  • 缩放等级

  • 可以决定某些删不掉的地图额外元素的显示

  • MKMapPointMKMapSizeMKMapRect 添加了 Geometry 几何功能,就像 CGPointCGSizeCGMapRect 一样

  • 添加文档

  • 增加测试覆盖案例

  • 添加 CocoaPods 支持

  • 添加 Carthage 支持

  • 添加 Swift Package Manager 支持


MapViewExtension.swift 文件拖曳到您的项目中即可。



缩放级别 (zoom level) 与对应的显示范围如下表所示:

缩放级别 海拔高度 对应的显示范围
18 200m 建筑级别
17 500m 建筑级别
16 1km 路级别
15 2km 路级别
14 5km 街道级别
13 10km 街道级别
12 20km 区级别
11 40km 区级别
10 80km 市级别
9 160km 市级别
8 320km 州级别
7 640km 州级别
6 1280km 省级别
5 2560km 省级别
4 5120km 国级别
3 10240km 国级别
2 20480km 洲级别
1 40960km 全球级别



我很欢迎大家来共同帮助完善和维护此项目,您可以提 Pull Request,也可以直接提 issue!



  1. 版本更新至 Swift 3(感谢 Shams AhmedPR
  2. 修改了访问权限
  3. 完善了相关注释
  4. 补完 MKMapPointMKMapSizeMKMapRect 等遗漏的一些简便扩展。


  1. 增加了移除右下角“高德地图”图片的方法
  2. 之前的 ZoomLevel 实现机制不再可用,因此换用 Troy Brant 所介绍的方法。
  3. 现在移除地图额外元素之后,你还可以将它们添加回去了
  4. MKMapPointMKMapSizeMKMapRect 增加了大量的几何功能扩展,并提供了一个测试应用,你可以通过该应用来检测本扩展的功能,并且还提供了单元测试。


  1. 增加了iOS 移除指南针和左下角属性标签的方法
  2. 重写了获取 ZoomLevel 的实现机制,代码更加精简,并且由函数变更为属性,方便使用。(在此感谢微博@102errors同学提供的意见)原来的墨卡托坐标系的转换方法不再保留。




This is a MKMapView extension written by Swift for supporting zoom level, the code is referenced from Troy Brant's Blog.

Thanks for Shams Ahmed's help, I decided to update this project again ^_^.

From now on, this extension supports the following functionalities:

  • Zoom level

  • You can decide whether to show the addtional map components which cannot be removed normally

  • Add geometrical capability extensions for MKMapPoint, MKMapSize and MKMapRect, just like CGPoint, CGSize and CGMapRect

  • Add some documentation to methods and parameters

  • Improve test coverage

  • Support Cocoapods

  • Support Carthage

  • Support Swift Package Manager


Grab the MapViewExtension.swift and drag it into your project.



You can find the relationship between zoom level and altitude in following table:

zoomlevel altitude the coresponding map extent
18 200m Building
17 500m Building
16 1km Alley
15 2km Alley
14 5km Street
13 10km Avenue
12 20km District
11 40km District
10 80km County
9 160km County
8 320km Town
7 640km City
6 1280km Province
5 2560km Province
4 5120km Nation
3 10240km Nation
2 20480km Continent
1 40960km Global

The map extent which in the table above aren't defined strictly, it's' just diceded by my own eyesight. If you have better advices, please contact me or send a PR. And, what need to be explained is that, the map extent is based on China, so if you are in other country, please do not use this map extent as reference.


Contributions to the project are welcome. PR or issue are both OK for me.

Update Log


  1. Update project to Swift 3 (Thanks for Shams Ahmed's PR).
  2. expose access levels.
  3. complete comments.
  4. complete MKMapPointMKMapSizeMKMapRect extensions.


  1. Add the method that removing the image at the lower right corner.
  2. Former solution for zoom level couldn't' use anymore, so I use the solution that Troy Brant introduced.
  3. Now, after removing the additional map components, you can add them back to the map.
  4. I also supply a demo by which you can test the functionalites that this extension provide. Furthermore, I also implement the unit test for checking the work of MKMapPoint, etc.
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