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ReactJS - Counter App

What's this project for?

I've written this little Counter App, only for practice React JS, and be a base for future bigger project. This app was written with a big inspiration in a Course that i have made. Called by 'React Js Ninja', ministred by Fernando Daciuk.

What does this app do?

A ToDo list. Where we can add new tasks, and can filter by: "A fazer" (ToDo), "Completo"(Done) and "Todos" (All).

What's inside it?

  • Webpack 2
  • Babel
  • React hot loader
  • HTML and CSS generated automatically by webpack
  • Jest for tests and Chai for assertions
  • Storybook to create isolatelly components' stories
  • Async/await
  • Dynamic import() function
  • Webpack tree shaking!
  • Preact for production build (optional)


  • Node.js >= v6;

Up and running

  • Clone this repository:;
  • Remove .git directory;
  • Install dependencies: yarn (or npm i);
  • Run yarn dev (or npm start) to develop on http://localhost:3000
  • Run yarn build (or npm run build) for production build (files will be generated on dist directory)


If you are on Windows, and try to run yarn lint, you'll get an error because spawn module does not work very well on Windows.

You should install cross-spawn, and edit gulpfile.js, removing line 4 and uncomment line 7.


  • yarn dev (or npm run dev): Starts the application on development mode
  • yarn test (or npm test): Run tests once
  • yarn test:watch (or npm run test:watch): Run tests in watch mode
  • yarn build (or npm run build): Build project to production
  • yarn build:analyzer (or npm run build:analyzer): Build project to production and open bundle analyzer on 8888 port
  • yarn storybook (or npm run storybook): Run Storybook on 6006 port
  • yarn build-storybook: Build Storybook to static files
  • yarn update-packages: Update all packages to the latest version
  • yarn start (or npm start): Special script reserved to run production code. Change as you wish. For now, it is the same as yarn dev.
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