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Moonlight ICO Template

A C# ICO Template for the NEO Ecosystem


The Moonlight team is proud to provide a new ICO template for use by the NEO community. The template is written in C# and represents a feature-rich platform for token sales on the Neo blockchain. We welcome pull request and issue submission.


  • All NEP-5 Methods Including allowance, transferFrom, and approve
  • Purchase of tokens with both NEO and GAS
  • Presale methods which support tiered vesting without blocking the accounts from additional purchase
  • KYC whitelisting and participation groups with variable participation blockHeight and allocations
  • Immediate token minting upon purchase
  • Multi-Stage vesting for founders allocation
  • Contract Migration
  • Presale allocation locking
  • Partial refunds at hardcap
  • Vested project token allocation


This contract can be found on Neo Mainnet at cea5a3963a5813a26accc6bc67e9be9d14d395f0


  1. Ensure that you correctly set InitialAdminAccount to your own address
  2. Build and deploy the contract with input params: 07
  3. Upon deployment you need to run the InitSmartContract administration method (can only be run once)
    • main("admin", ["InitSmartContract"])
    • Note: This is a latching method and cannot be undone
  4. Allocate presale purchase amounts
    • main("admin", ["AllocatePresalePurchase", hash160Recipient, tokenAmountFactorised]
  5. Lock future presale allocation
    • main("admin", ["LockPresaleAllocation"])
    • Note: This is a latching method and cannot be undone
  6. Public method to ensure transparent use of AllocatePresalePurchase
    • main("IsPresaleAllocationLocked", [])

Wallet Integration

  • Check if a user has been whitelisted
    • bool main("crowdsale_status", (hash160)address)

  • Get the participation group number for the whitelisted user
    • int main("GetGroupNumber", (hash160)address)

  • Get the max number of LX the group can purchase
    • int main("GetGroupMaxContribution")

  • Get the block number the group can start participating
    • int main("GetGroupUnlockBlock")

  • Determine if the specified group number can now purchase tokens
    • bool main("GroupParticipationIsUnlocked", (int)groupNumber)

  • Note: Group refers to the phase of the sale a user can participate in.

Support scripts and testing

Note 1: This package includes a support script to easily deploy and verify the contract as well as optionally register the contract with the Moonlight Neo Contract Name Service. All support scripts depend on the asteroid-sdk-js package which you may or may not have access to. It wraps a number of contract methods using the neon-js project by COZ.

  • To deploy: make deploy
  • To run tests: make unit_test

Note 2: These scripts rely on the config files found in the config directory and will default to the dev environment. You may change the environment by defining the ENVIRONMENT environment variable.

Note 3: An environment variable is intentionally omitted from the configuration files which is critical to deployment and configuration of this contract. CONTRACT_ADMIN_WIF is used to define the contract owner which is initially hard-coded into the contract itself here

The test folder provides a number of good examples on how to work with the contract including how to execute a contract migration.


NEP5 contract to be used for the Moonlight LUX sale







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