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Moonshine IDE is a free IDE built with Adobe AIR. You can create ActionScript 3, Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® and Feathers projects from Moonshine-IDE. It also provides cloud support.


We want to provide a free IDE to our community for ActionScript projects. An IDE which is cross platform and provides Apache Flex®, Apache Royale®, Feathers and cloud support.

Local Build

1. Install Apache Ant

To build Moonshine IDE you need to install Apache Ant. You can also install Apache Ant using npm, chocolatey, etc.

2. Download SDKs

To build Moonshine IDE you need to download:

If you've used Moonshine IDE before and already downloaded these SDKs with Moonshine SDK Installer you can use existing SDKs. By default they're installed in:

  • C:\MoonshineSDKs\Flex_SDK\Flex_xxx_AIR_xxx on Windows
  • /Users/$username/Downloads/MoonshineSDKs on Mac

3. Clone Moonshine SDK Installer

To build Moonshine IDE you also need Moonshine SDK Installer source code. You can clone Moonshine SDK Installer from:

You should place SDK Installer repository on the same level as Moonshine IDE. So if you have Moonshine IDE in C:\Repos\Moonshine-IDE you should have SDK Installer in C:\Repos\Moonshine-SDK-Installer.

4. Additional Required Projects

These projects are also required:

5. Change configuration files for local build

In Moonshine-IDE\ide\MoonshineDESKTOPevolved\build\ApplicationProperties.xml change:

  • Build version to something newer than already installed eg.

  • If you have FLEX_HOME set up as environment variable you can skip this step. If not, set one of the following parameters:

    On Windows 32-bit:


    On Windows 64-bit:


    On Mac and Linux:


In Moonshine-IDE\ide\MoonshineDESKTOPevolved\src\MoonshineDESKTOP-app.xml

  • By default Moonshine IDE builds with AIR 28.0. If you've installed newer version of AIR SDK on your environment (eg. 32.0) change this parameter accordingly:

     <application xmlns="">

6a. Build Desktop Version

If you need to recompile language server, build and deploy codecompletion.jar. If not, you can skip this step.

cd language-server-wrappers/moonshine-as3mxml
ant deploy

To build the application itself, use these commands:

cd ide/MoonshineDESKTOPevolved/build

Find the generated artifacts in ide/MoonshineDESKTOPevolved/build/DEPLOY

6b. Build Web Version

To compile the SWF for the web version of Moonshine-IDE, run:

cd ide/MoonshineWEBevolved/build

Find the generated artifacts in ide/MoonshineWEBevolved/build/DEPLOY

NOTE: this part of the project is out of date. The server-side logic needs to be updated before the source can be released.


Moonshine-IDE is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 - see the file for details