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Nautilus - mobile shell for OctoPrint

A simplified UI replacement for OctoPrint that has been optimised for iOS devices.

The plugin requires at least ver 1.3 of OctoPrint and the companion Nautilus iOS app. The iOS app will force landscape, maintain the security API key and handle the server connection. It is available on Apple AppStore.

As long as OctoPrint is available over the internet, the UI changes to full screen webcam for pure monitoring. (this behaviour can be changed in the OctoPrint settings under the Nautilus plugin tab "External access show only webcam")

The plugin configuration file settings.ini (residing under the plugin data folder - .octoprint/data/nautilus) provides the gcode sequences for most of the functions provided. Make sure they are configured properly for your machine. Read more

Learn more about the functionalities, by reading detail descriptions of individual screens

If you enjoy this plugin, leave feedback/rating on Apple AppStore.