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Market Watch

A web service which polls the Dow Jones for changes in the DJI index. When a change is noticed, the service will notify a Spark based wrist watch which in turn alerts a user.

Market Watch

A small companion web page allows you to simulate different effects.

Watch States

  • Breathe Green - DJI above starting point
  • Breathe Red - DJI below starting point
  • Blink Blue - Markets in low volatility
  • Blink Yellow - Markets in high volatility
  • Blink Red - Trading Over

Notifying the Spark

Notify the spark by passing params in the form 1,0,green.

  • The first param is the state. 1 will cause it to blink while 0 will breathe.
  • The second param is the vibration directive. 1 will trigger a vibrate on notification, 0 will not.
  • The last param is the color and accepts green, red, white, blue, red, or yellow.

Environment Variables

  • SPARK_ID - The id of the Spark core.
  • SPARK_TOKEN - The access token for the Spark core.

Market Watch