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A software exploration tool to support developers during their work
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This is a software exploration tool to support developers during their work.


The documentation is in the Wiki of this repository (Go to the tab "Wiki").


The intention of this tool is explained in this blogs: Legacy Code – Storing the mental model in diagrams and Software exploration tool for developers (ABAP, SAP, Java, C, Smalltalk, …) – Roadmap.

See also the most recent presentation Survive the Chaos - S4H151 - SAP TechED Barcelona 2017 - Lecture (Start with slide 51) and the training video of the presentation.

It can be used in projects. The tool is currently improved, see the Roadmap in the above blog. Feel free to open an issue if you find errors or if you would like to have certain functions.

It can generate diagrams like this:

An example for a dependency graph

It is build on top of Pharo, Roassal and Moose.


Runs on Moose 6.

Is currently tested on Moose 6.1. You might switch of the warning of deprecated methods under System->Settings.

Supported languages

Modelinformations for Smalltalk can be extracted with the Moose Panel (See above).

For SAP applications the extractor SAP2Moose can be used. Moose2Model and SAP2Moose are developed in parallel, so this might give the best results.

For Java you can extract mse files with [jdt2famix(

Other computer languages can be extracted to Moose, please check whether there is already an extractor available. Feel free to open an issue to receive supports to make other lanugages working.

Where is the coding

The original coding is hosted in this repository. A copy is stored on Smalltalkhub!/~RainerWinkler/RW-Moose-Diagram (The link may work only in Firefox). This simplifies getting the code.


I thank Alexandre Bergel for providing the initial coding, giving valuable tips and feedback to support the development of this tool.


CubeServ is encouraging and supporting this project.

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