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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Sep 13, 2019 · 48 commits to master since this release

For details of changes please see commits.
In this release a diagram is openend not in an inspector but in a simple application window. Very helpfull is, that the window is now named with the name of the Layout and model. This helps in navigating between models.
This version does not support Smalltalk models on Pharo 7. The the stable version for Moose on Pharo 5 or Pharo 6 to display Smalltalk models.

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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Feb 13, 2018 · 122 commits to master since this release

With release 1.2.0 the application is again more easy to use and appears now more and more finished. It contains also 1.1.0 which is not published separately. Contained are:

15.01.2018 v1.2.0

! Change order of context menu for background #66

  • Set Current Layout always to the Layout that was processed last #65
  • Fix wrong description for highlighting attributes #67
  • Add option to suppress package box to context menu #69
  • Make diagrams compatible to the FMC Compositional Structure Diagram #68
  • Prevent dragging of invisible elements #70

11.01.2018 v1.1.0

! Display with formatting - highlight elements with appearance changers #57

  • Allow suppressing attributes and methods with context menu #59
  • Allow suppressing classes and packages with context menu in Moose Panel #60
  • Make list of elements more readable #61
  • Remove duplicate appearance changers #63
  • Provide an option to list a Layout without comments #64
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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Jan 9, 2018 · 151 commits to master since this release

If a comment is added an error message is shown while redrawing #56
Spelling errors in context menus #55

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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Jan 7, 2018 · 156 commits to master since this release

This release adds multiple features to allow a fast work using context menus of the Moose Model, and parts of the diagram.

  • : fixed
    ! : changed
  • : added
  • : removed


  • Add context menus to the Moose Model #44
    There are now context menus in the MoosePanel and when a view is displayed on:
  1. The model
  2. FAMIX elements of type package, class, method and attribut in the MoosePanel or in the inspector
  3. Elements in a diagram (Except comments, comments are maintained on the assigned element)
  4. The canvas of a Layout (The white backgroun)
  5. The Layout of a diagram and the displayed Moose Model is shown in the Context Menu of the background of the diagram.
    It should be possible to work without sending program statements explicitely anymore
  • Manage Layouts #52
    It is now possible to choose from all xml files with Layout Informations that are specified in the preset path

  • Separate layouts #50
    It is now possible to work with multiple Layouts at the same time. The active Layout is displayed in the Simple Gui. If the context menu of elements in a diagram is choosen, the system automatically adds this informtion to the layout that is related to the element.

  • Rebuild diagram in same window #45
    It is now possible to change a diagram and see the changes in the same window by rebuilding it from the context menu

  • Alternative Line Styles #47
    It is now possible to use two new line styles whith only vertical and horizontal line segments. This setting is not stored to the file

! Improve colors #51
Methods are now colored in orange. The red color that was used before looked always a bit like symbolizing an error

  • Snap Positions to Grid #48
    It is possible to rearange elements to a fixed grid with 5 point difference from line to line

  • Make working with path of working directory possible #54
    If an empty path is stored, the system uses automatically the working directory of the image

  • Diagrams become inconsistent if they are applied on an updated model #9
    Remove option to display diagram from Class Group (Add a statement to explain where to do it).
    Add a menu point in the context menu of the canvas that gives the name of the current Moose ID.
    Prevent errors when the MooseModel changed. In that case it is needed to read the data of a Layout again from file. The user is forced to do this explicitely.
  • Give a hint if an element is renamed that has a special function in a Layout #53
    If informations on a Layout are printed to the Transcript, a text is given if an element was specified in the file, that is not existing in the model anymore. The file can be edited manually to add the renamed element again to the model
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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Nov 14, 2017 · 210 commits to master since this release

Changed: Correct wrong explanation of Class attribute, improve legend #40
New: Simplify handling of diagrams #39
There are new statements to display the new Moose2Model Simple Gui and the new features to allow a faster work with diagrams.
Simple Gui:
RWDiagramSimpleGui open.

New statements for Playground:
RWDiagram setPath: 'C:\DataEigen\Moose-Diagram\models'.
RWDiagram path.
RWDiagram drawDiagram.
RWDiagram drawDiagramWithFormattingInfo.
RWDiagram rememberLastUsedDiagram.
RWDiagram readLayout: 'My Layout'.
New statement for Raw tab of view:
RWDiagram rememberWrite: self view (But is not needed to be used, RWDiagram rememberLastUsedDiagram. in playground has the same effect)

There is now also a new model that contains the new elements of this issue:
Layout: 'Moose2Model Issue 39 Simplify handling of diagrams'

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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Aug 24, 2017 · 252 commits to master since this release

This is mandatory to use v0.4 with Smalltalk models

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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Aug 19, 2017 · 258 commits to master since this release

Contains solution for issue Display Dependencies of Classes, Interfaces and Packages #22 Use:
RWDiagram setPackageScope. to display only packages and their dependencies
RWDiagram setClassScope. to display only classes and their dependencies
RWDiagram setMethodScope. to display packages, classes, methods and attributes and their dependencies
The setting of the scope (Package, Class and Method) is stored and read to and from file
The performance while generating diagrams is massively improved for big models

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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Aug 4, 2017 · 287 commits to master since this release

For FAMIX ClassGroup a new menu item Moose2Model Software Exploration Tool is added, this will replace the old item.
Models of Smalltalk did not work correctly when a class had two methods of the same name, one with class scope, the other without. This is now fixed.
The following small enhancement is contained also:

  • Give a feedback when the current layout is changed #24
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@RainerWinkler RainerWinkler released this Jul 28, 2017 · 323 commits to master since this release

Links to Sources of type FileAnchor can now either be copied to the clipboard or opened on the host system (Windows only). This allows jumping into the code for SAP Eclipse ADT.
New statements to apply to an element:
RWDiagram getLinkTo: self.
RWDiagram openLinkTo: self.
Install OSProcess to be able to jump directly into Eclipse ADT for SAP:
Execute in playground:
Gofer new
squeaksource: 'OSProcess';
package: 'OSProcess';

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