Targeted Payload Execution
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Spotter - Targeted Payload Execution

Spotter is a tool to wrap payloads in environmentally-keyed, AES256-encrypted launchers. These keyed launchers provide a way to ensure your payload is running on its intended target, as well as provide a level of protection for the launcher itself.



python3 --help
usage: [-h] {ps,cs-process,cs-inject} ...

This script will build an AES256-encrypted payload launcher using
environmental keys.

positional arguments:
                        Payload method help
    ps                  PowerShell help
    cs-process          C# Process help
    cs-inject           C# PE Injection help

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

PowerShell Example:

python3 ps --payload_file payload.txt --outfile spotter.ps1 --domain ACME.CORP --osver win7 --vm --ip 192.168.82

C# Process Creation:

python3 cs-process -d ACME.CORP -x calc.exe

C# Injection:

python3 cs-inject -d ACME.CORP --payload_file evilDotNet.exe

Released at aRcTicCON '18