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moq v5

The most popular and friendly mocking framework for .NET

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IMPORTANT: this repository is for the upcoming version of Moq. Issues and source for the current stable Moq v4.x are at

CI package feed:

Building the repository

dotnet msbuild

Running tests:

dotnet test

Testing built packages locally

You can either build from command line or explicitly Pack (from the context menu) the Moq.Package project.

Packages are generated in the bin folder in the repository root. To test these packages you can just add a package source pointing to it. You can also just place a NuGet.Config like the following anywhere above the directory with the test solution(s):

		<add key="moq" value="[cloned repo dir]\bin" />

You can also do use project properties (or a Directory.Build.props to affect an entire folder hierarchy) with:

    <RestoreSources Condition="Exists('[cloned repo dir]\bin')">[cloned repo dir]\bin;$(RestoreSources)</RestoreSources>

Every time the packages are produced, the local nuget cache is cleared, so that a subsequent restore in VS will automatically cause the updated version to be unpacked again. The locally built version will always have the version 42.42.42.

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