A simple site for people who like answering questions
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A simple site for people who like answering questions

To Install Dependencies

Answery uses the PHP dependency manager Composer. To "install" dependencies for this project, run php composer.phar install after downloading or cloning the repository and installing composer

Question Types

Answery currently has the following question types:

  • Short answer
  • Multiple Choice
    • cat/dog pictures
    • emojis
    • regular text
  • Ranking
    • cat/dog photos
    • text (i.e. "how much do you like swimming?")


Since this repository may be a little confusing, here is a brief description of what some of the project's files here are for.

Api.php - This file contains the Api() class that handles getting information from the API's listed below for use in questions and options

Option.php - This file contains the Option() class which provides information to generate most of the options for each question

Question.php - This file contains the Question() class which stores the question being asked and the Options that go with it

data.php - Holds the data used to present questions and options, including the list of emojis/countries available for use as answers, as well as the list of questions

index.php - This file is the "backend" of the web app and is responsible for the server-side processing and random selection of questions

index.tpl - This file is the template for the HTML pages and is filled in with the information from the backend for display on the web

API's Used

The following are all the API's used in this web app.