A decimal time display application for iOS.
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MetricTime is designed to be one universal timekeeping system that eliminates the hassle of calculating time since most of its convertions as simple as converting meters to centimeters!

In MetricTime:

  • A day is 10 hours long
  • An hour is 100 minutes long
  • A minute is 100 seconds long
  • A second is 864 milliseconds long*

*This is to maintain the same number of milliseconds in the day as the regular timekeeping system (86,400,000).

Converting Times

Here is a short table of approximate conversion values for reference.

Normal Time "Metric" Time
30 seconds ~34 metric seconds
1 minute ~69 metric seconds
5 minutes ~3 min 47 sec
10 minutes ~6 min 34 sec
30 minutes ~20 min 83 sec
1 hour ~41 min 66 sec
6 hours (1/4 day) 2 hours 50 min
12 hours (1/2 day) 5 hours
18 hours (3/4 day) 7 hours 50 min
24 hours (1 day) 10 hours

##Contributing Currently, MetricTime is only an iOS app. If you would like to make MetricTime compatible with another device, feel free to fork this repository and submit a pull request!


The icons found on the time convertion screen of this app were taken from icons8.

The image of the clock in the app icon was pulled from the internet and appeared to be from www.checkmylevel.com although I could not find the image on their site. If you intend to use this for anything other than personal use, you may want to find/create a new icon with an image that you know you have permission to use.