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Version 0.1.0
Author: Mordax

This is yet another script for automating retrieval of game assets for Flashpoint, the web game preservation project.

Prequisites before running:

  • Edit the .ps1 file
  • Replace the file location of $output with your htdocs location of your game (hope to eliminate this need in the future by being able to setup the file structure automatically)
  • Save it.

How to use the 2nd option (HTTP get for multiple URLS):

  • Use Flashpoint redirector and save the 404 urls (tools->Copy all 404 not found URLS)
  • Save the URLs to a .txt file
  • When prompted, give the path to that file
  • Hit enter and eureka!

After downloading the assets, close and reopen the game (not redirector) and keep playing for more potential 404 URLS.

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