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A NodeJS MUD Engine using WebSockets.
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RockMUD (0.1.7) is a WebSockets MUD server with node.js.

Doing what I can to keep a test server running on nodejitsu: Client 'terminal' will be addressed soon. You can reach me directly:

History: RockMUD was spawned out of my love of MUDs and too many late night coffees.


  • A Diku-like MUD experience from within the browser using HTML5 and NodeJS.
  • Leverage HTML for MUD text.
  • Everything is JavaScript / JSON.
  • Fast Development
  • Easy client GUI creation and triggering client side events.
  • Real-time browser OLC and world management.
  • Games should have little issue sharing items, areas and players.

Notes on dependencies:

  • Not using a Node MVC framework.
  • Not using any JS templating engines.
  • Client side I use DOJO 1.9
  • >= 1.0
  • Node > .10.X

Some things Currently in 0.1.7:

  • Simple architecture with no whitelisting of commands
  • Character creation (Races, Classes, Stats, Passwords) and saving as json files.
  • Channels
  • Uniform way of scripting commands -- with permission checking
  • JSON areas
  • Command aliases defined client side.
  • Various 'standard' commands (ex: chat, who, look, help, score, save, title, quit, get, drop, say, kill)
  • Basic Combat (kill )
  • Inventory
  • Ticks (ex: regen, messages, autosave, and hunger/thirst)
  • Movement directions are not static
  • AMD loading for client side scripts
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