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  • Fixed bug where FAKE didn't run the correct build script

  • New conditional dependency operator =?>
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Some AssemblyInfo task parameters are now option types. See type hints.

  • New RegAsm task, allows to create TLBs from a dll.
  • New MSI task, allows to install or uninstall msi files.
  • StringHelper.NormalizeVersion fixed for WiX.

  • Allow to choose specific nunit-console runner.

  • Using nuget packages for mspec.
  • FAKE tries to kill all MSBuild and FSI processes at the end of a build.

  • Removed message system for build output. Back to simpler tracing.

  • ReplaceAssemblyInfoVersions task allows to replace version info in AssemblyVersion-files
  • New task ConvertFileToWindowsLineBreaks

  • Allows to build .sln files

  • Allows to publish symbols via nuget.exe
  • Autotrim trailing .0 from version in order to fullfill nuget standards.

  • If the publishment of a Nuget package fails, then FAKE will try it again.
  • Added Changelog.markdown to FAKE deployment
  • Added RequireExactly helper function in order to require a specific nuget dependency.
  • NugetHelper.GetPackageVersion - Gets the version no. for a given package in the packages folder.
  • EnvironmentHelper.getTargetPlatformDir - Gets the directory for the given target platform.

  • Some smaller bugfixes
  • New dependency syntax with ==> and <=>
  • Tracing of StackTrace only if TargetHelper.PrintStackTraceOnError was set to true

  • New task DeleteDirs allows to delete multiple directories.
  • New parameter for NuGet dependencies.

  • Bundled with docu.exe compiled against .Net 4.0.
  • Fixed docu calls to run with full filenames.
  • Added targetplatform, target and log switches for ILMerge task.
  • Added Git.Information.getLastTag() which gets the last git tag by calling git describe.
  • Added Git.Information.getCurrentHash() which gets the last current sha1.

  • Fixed Nuget support and allows automatic push.

  • Tracing of all external process starts.
  • MSpec support.
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