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Morgan Stanley

Open Source Software at Morgan Stanley


  1. hobbes hobbes Public

    A language and an embedded JIT compiler

    C 1.2k 105

  2. binlog binlog Public

    A high performance C++ log library, producing structured binary logs

    C++ 586 73

  3. modern-cpp-kafka modern-cpp-kafka Public

    A C++ API for Kafka clients (i.e. KafkaProducer, KafkaConsumer, AdminClient)

    C++ 322 85

  4. testplan testplan Public

    Testplan, a multi-testing framework, because unit tests can only go so far..

    Python 175 81

  5. Xpedite Xpedite Public

    A non-sampling profiler purpose built to measure and optimize performance of C++ low latency/real time systems

    Python 148 40

  6. optimus-cirrus optimus-cirrus Public

    Scala 89 14


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