Google Music Resolver for the Tomahawk music player
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A resolver for the Tomahawk music player, based on Simon Weber's Unofficial Google Music API.

The resolver is under heavy develpoment and might crash, corrupt your data or even eat your hamster. Use at your own risk!

Please report bugs, wishes and issues here.




You can use pip to automatically install all dependencies and google-music-resolver

pip install

###Getting Started

Start Tomahawk, open setting, go to "Resolvers", click "add from file" and choose the script (on linux systems /usr/bin/ Notice the hypen, not an underscore!

If a little wrench appears on the right hand side at the bottom of the list, the resolver is running. Click the wrench, enter your credentials and hit OK. Your password is stored in your operating systems password storage, which might ask for permission now. On every start, the resolver fetches your library information which may take a few seconds before its ready to resolve.

Tomahawk does not provide a way to tell if the login was succesful or not. Check the logfile under ~/.local/share/Tomahawk/gmusic-resolver.log for warnings and errors in case it doesnt work correctly.

Copyright 2013 Kilian Lackhove

Licensed under the GPLv2. See LICENSE.txt