A simple CLI application using fitbit4j.
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What is this?

This is an example command-line (CLI) application that uses fitbit4j to get data from the Fitbit API.

I build it to show the simplest way to get your data from fitbit without all the headaches that come from using fitbit4j.

How do I run this?

Register a desktop application and copy your applications consumer key and secret.

Make sure you have Maven installed and fitbit4j in your local repository, then run

mvn -DCONSUMER_KEY=yourapplicationkey -DCONSUMER_SECRET=yourapplicationsecret -Dexec.args="<FILENAME> <PERIOD>" exec:java

on your command-line.

Adding -Dexec.args=" " is optional. PERIOD is one of the recognized time periods, like "6m".

If you have to use a proxy, provide additional parameters -Dhttp.proxyHost=YOURPROXY -Dhttp.proxyPort=1234.

How can I build on top of this?

Fork my repository, open a command-line in the directory and run

mvn eclipse:eclipse

to create project files for Eclipse. Start hacking and don't forget to submit a pull request