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Fix vault name in

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1 parent 16adb2b commit b4eca5745fb54ba26f605cc9ffabb770e9023f1e @MoriTanosuke committed
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ List inventory
java -jarglacieruploader.jar --endpoint --vault myvaultname --list-inventory
- Listing inventory for vault cr_backup...
+ Listing inventory for vault myvaultname...
Inventory Job ID=8yM9rC4RvSKW5QlXdsglkjJHDFGPMSQyZA2CjhpIWgw2AE4lyyIU87uZz2d-b8eoKrCbGehR4vj5dfHiKPA9Zj5
This will give you a job ID for the inventory listing of the vault. After the job is completed, you can retrieve the listing.

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