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a real-time visualization of the latest twitter messages (tweets) around a specific topic. Use it create your own twitter wall at a conference or an ambient display at your company or whatever other idea you come up with. In contrast to other twitterwalls, it provides a sense of the temporal dynamics in the twitter stream, and emphasizes the conversational threads established by retweets and @replies.

Find more info at

If you want to use this distribution to create an installation or a twitter wall, just customize bin/index_standalone.html according to your needs. Some caveats: The “showOnlyToday” option does not recognize when you run the installtion for multiple days. Also, I have not tested extensively for memory leaks etc. so you might have to restart the installation every other day or so.

If you want to embed it into your website:

  • change line 118 in Tweetr.php to
    $twitterURL = ''.str_replace($this->baseURL,'',$this->url['path']);
  • provide a twitterProxyURL parameter pointing to your twitterproxy installation in bin/index.html
  • upload the bin/ directory to your webserver

The distribution makes use of and includes also the following open source libraries (please respect the respective licenses):

enjoy! direct questions to

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