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Addon to Skript with nice extra features!

Getting started

3 years ago, previous skript addon "SkMorkaz" has been created for GC2.PL Minecraft Network. There were various things added that were not existing in Skript at that moment. On spigot site there was published small version that had tiny part of features of not published main version. At begining of 2019, this addon has been recoded and named "MorkazSk" to make it much better for newest minecraft versions (up from 1.13)! Published version will now contain all features, not only part of them like before. It will be also updated recently because our minecraft network also uses this addon :)!

If you have any idea for additional feature or you want other plugin to be implemented into skript then leave a feature request here!

How to install

It is very simple. To use patterns of this plugin in your scripts, you have to:

  1. Download last release from here.
  2. Put MorkazSk.jar into your /plugins folder.
  3. Restart the server.
    And thats all!


You can find all patterns of this addon on SkUnity or SkriptHub docs. You have to use filter to display all syntaxes of this addon.


If you will have problems/bugs with MorkazSk, please create report here. Your problem will be solved/fixed as fast as it is possible. Remember to post as much informations about your problem as you can.

Please note that: Some problems may not be fixable due to external factors for which we have no influence (for example bugs with other plugin that MorkazSk supports). In this case we will try to help you by giving you list of steps that you should/can do.

Support me

If you liked this source, you can support me by sending donation. It will motivate me to add more features to this addon because it will make felling that my work is appreciated!