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Calmity Tutorial

This repository contains the source for my Calamity tutorial over at


This project requires the GHC 8.10 compiler and the Cabal build tool. See the Haskell downloads page for up-to-date information on how to aquire those.

Make sure to replace the "<your token here>" string in Main.hs with your bot's secret token! You can obtain one through the Discord Developer Portal. Also a reminder: the token is secret, treat it like you'd treat a password!

Building and Running

Run the following command to build the project. Note that the first build will take a while, Calamity has a pretty heavy dependency footprint. Subsequent builds should be significantly faster.

$ cabal build

And to run:

$ cabal run

Note that cabal run will build and run, so you don't need to run cabal build every time.

To open a GHCi session in the context of the project:

$ cabal repl