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Dumb screen(1) alternative for multiple concurrent users
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First argument is the UNIX socket to listen on. The next arguments are the command to mask.

For instance, to launch a Minecraft server:

node anyconsole.js /tmp/minecraft java -jar minecraft_server.jar

Now, to access the stdin and out of the process, open a connection to the UNIX socket specified. For instance, using netcat wrapped in readline:

rlwrap nc -U /tmp/minecraft

(For accessing Minecraft servers that are wrapped in anyconsole, I've written lolmc as a front-end to this UNIX socket for Node.js scripts.)

The last 30 lines of output from the command will be shown immediately, and output from the process is line-buffered and sent to the UNIX socket clients on each newline. This is approximately equivalent to

stdbuf -oL java -jar minecraft_server.jar > minecraft.log 2>&1
tail -fn 30 minecraft.log

except, of course, that you have access to the stdin of the process as well.

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