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🚀 Dozer

Dozer lets you hide menu bar items to give your Mac a cleaner look.

You might also like FiScript, which lets you execute custom scripts on your files/folders from the context menu in Finder.


⚙️ Install

Easiest way Homebrew Cask:

brew cask install dozer	


  1. Download, open, and drag the app to the Applications folder.
  2. Open Dozer and drag the icon in your menu bar (hold CMD) to the right so it is between some other icons.

Important: Dozer needs to be allowed in the accessibility preferences to work properly.


  • (CMD+drag) to move Dozer around in the menu bar.
  • Click the Dozer icon to hide menu bar items.
  • Click menu bar (where there are no icons) to show the menu items again.
  • Right click the Dozer icon to open preferences.


macOS version >= 10.13

(Dozer might still run on macOS Sierra, but some are experiencing issues with it)