Execute custom scripts from the MacOS context menu (CTRL+click) in Finder.
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🚀 FiScript


FiScript is an open source application for MacOS, released under the MIT License. FiScript lets you execute custom scripts on your files/folders from the context menu in Finder.
You might also like Dozer, which lets you hide menubar items to give your Mac a cleaner look.

⚙️ Install

Easiest way by using Homebrew Cask:

brew cask install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Mortennn/FiScript/master/fiscript.rb 


  1. Download, open, and drag the app to the Applications folder.
  2. Since FiScript is not signed; go to Preferences > Security & Anonymity > General > allow FiScript.
  3. If prompted by allowing "FiScript Helper", please accept, since FiScript else won't work properly.

If FiScript does not appear in the Finder menu after installation, you might need to restart Finder (Apple Logo > Force Quit > Restart Finder)


macOS version >= 10.12


FiScript is released under the terms of MIT License.


Please suggest enhancements as new issue reports on this repository. Also, feel free to share your own scripts, so others can make use of it😀