Pick and place 3d printable feeder
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Mortezix PNP feeder

Pick and place 3d printable feeder

Mortezix PNP Feeder

This design is based on Alex semi-auto design: https://github.com/alexavr2/alexfeeder

Here is a video on how this feeder works:


  • It is fully 3d printable.
  • Has automatic tape cover removal
  • Tape cover removal does not need any special controller. Just simple microswitch and 5v-12v supply
  • Tape cover removal method can be used on many other feeder designs
  • Tape advancing mechanism can be used with a servo or tape drag method which is used on OpenPNP.
  • Only few M2 and M3 screws and few springs or rubber bands to assemble
  • You can customize it to your machine needs
  • Need 1.5 cm free space between feeders

More updates to come...