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FCC Fullstack Application - Stock Market

My learning objectives for this project were to learn about and use websockets in Javascript. Moreover I wanted to try some test driven development as I don't have a postman client for websockets. So I used my test suite from mocha to act as my websocket client.

I also wanted to implement a redis cache on the backend to learn about caching and to learn more about redis. I mean this project doesn't really need a cache system but it's a nice implementation detail and will teach me about caching and redis itself.

Local Development

Running Replica

  • Copy the .env.sample file into a .env file getting your own version of all the secrets required to run this project.
  • Get a local redis and mongodb running in the background
  • Start the backend and frontend separately, by using npm run

Running Tests

  • yarn
  • yarn test

Seeding the Database

  • yarn
  • cd backend
  • yarn seed

Code Formatting

This is done with Prettier and Eslint see the .prettierrc.yaml and .eslintrc.json files in the root of this directory for my setup.

User Stories

  • [ x ] I can view a graph displaying the recent trend lines for each added stock
  • [ x ] I can add new stocks by their symbol name
  • [ x ] I can remove stocks
  • [ x ] I can see changes in real-time when any other user adds or removes a stock.


  • React
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


Leon Boehmer 2018