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What is this?

WinappDebug is a console tool for detecting errors in your winapp2.ini file, both syntactical and stylistic.

Detected syntax errors include:

  • Improperly numbered or misspelled commands
  • Improperly formatted RECURSE and REMOVESELF
  • Improperly formatted %EnvironmentVariables%
  • Missing pipes or equalities ( '|' or '=' )
  • Improper targeting for registry & file specific commands (eg. RegKey points to a filesystem location or FileKey points to a registry location)
  • Nested Wildcards in DetectFiles
  • Trailing backslashes in DetectFiles
  • VirtualStore directory formatting

Detected style errors include:

  • Improper alphabetization ordering
  • Improper CamelCasing
  • Entries that are enabled by default
  • Missing default states
  • Leading and trailing whitespace
  • Trailing whitspace and semicolons
  • Duplicate commands on different lines

How to use

  • Place WinappDebug.exe in a folder with Winapp2.ini
  • Run WinappDebug.exe

The tool will run and generate as its output a description of any errors it finds, including the line number on which the error was found.