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A Django site service RSS feeds describing changes made to mercurial repositories
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HG Change Feed

This is a django app for display changesets that affected directories in mecurial repositories. It is made up of two pieces. A set of management commands for building the database of changes. These must be run periodically to keep up to date with changes in the repository. Then there is the website itself to display them.


Clone this reporitory and update the submodules. Create a python virtualenv and pip install -r requirements.txt.

If you want a custom database create a config.ini file that looks like this:


Otherwise a sqlite3 database is created.

./ syncdb
./ collectstatic
./ runserver

Managing Repositories

The management comments can be called from the command line to set up repositories to track. Make sure that you run it in the virtualenv.

There are four commands:

initrepo is used to register a new repository to track. It will download the file structure of the repository which can take a while.

updaterepo will add new changesets to the database. The first time you run it it will download a weeks worth of data, this range can be configured when running the init command. After that it will download any new changesets and remove any old ones.

deleterepo will delete the repository from the database.

updateall will run update for every repository. This command is designed to be run regularly to keep all the repositories up to date. You can also pass --hidden to only update repositories that have never been updated before or --visible to only update repositories that have been updated before. The latter is recommended for cron jobs.

You run the commands from the virtualenv command line:

./ initrepo mozilla-central