Native Android "sample of all samples" for beginners and experienced, 14+, with focus on lollipop and Material
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soas (Sample Of All Samples) - Try APK

Native Android samples for beginners and experienced, 14+, with focus on Lollipop and Material.

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Here's what the project touches so far:

  • Toolbar
  • Drawer (following the updated Material Design Guidelines)
  • Volley (with forced caching option, it caches regardless of server response headers, Memory and Disk)
  • Download images using volley (with Memory and Disk caching)
  • Json (using Gson)
  • ListView with a custom Adapter (based on BaseAdapter)
  • SwipeToReferesh (using SwipeRefreshLayout)
  • Endless Adapter (using a custom OnScrollListener)
  • Fragment (ListFragment and Fragment)
  • Headless Fragment (maintain data on config changed)
  • Landscape, 7'' and 10'' tablets specific layouts
  • Custom Views
  • Palette
  • Themes
  • Styles
  • Gradle
  • Gradle product flavors
  • Espresso tests
  • Travis CI, Continuous Deployment

With your help we can build a sample app that touches most components of the Android framework, helpful for beginners and experienced, simply a reference project. Your pull-requests are appreciated.

You can help with:


###Screenshots:### p1 p2 p3 p4 p5

Useful materials (To start developing for native Android or update your knowledge):

###Notes:### pFragment pService pConcurrency

Developed by: Mostafa Gazar -