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05e24a5 @ksinkar Edited the .gitignore file to ignore the doc/transaction_event_logs
ksinkar authored
1 doc/transaction_event_logs/
14ce8d3 @piyushranjan ignore rvmrc
piyushranjan authored
2 .rvmrc
985d91d @cies initial import
cies authored
3 .DS_Store
4 log/*
5 tmp/*
7 *~
8 .#*
9dd958b center type_of_account is now nullable after a dirty hack
svs authored
9 *#
7e1059a Ignoring db folder
Svs authored
10 db/*
985d91d @cies initial import
cies authored
11 schema/schema.rb
12 schema/*_structure.sql
13 schema/*.sqlite3
14 schema/*.sqlite
15 schema/*.db
16 *.sqlite
17 *.sqlite3
18 *.db
19 src/*
20 .hgignore
21 .hg/*
22 .svn/*
23 gems/gems/*
24 gems/specifications/*
fb3e6bb Added more real-world fixtures
Siddharth authored
25 merb_profile_results
26 misfit_fixtures/*
e188168 much faster branch graphs for the dashboard
svs authored
27 config/database.yml
b8f291f Merge branch 'master' of
Anurag Priyam authored
28 result_file.txt
42bb2f4 reporting is better now
svs authored
29 .emacs*
30 config/database.yml
69a0ee4 @piyushranjan Ignoring config/mfi.yml
piyushranjan authored
31 config/mfi.yml
84dfe58 fixing reports
svs authored
32 *pdf
33 public/logs
34 uploads
51df347 for bundled gems
svs authored
35 nbproject
1907141 @piyushranjan Adding whitelabeling
piyushranjan authored
37 db/*.sql
38 public/images/logos
305d78a @piyushranjan Loan aging graph
piyushranjan authored
39 public/graph_data
40 public/dashboard
41 scripts
719c125 @piyushranjan Removing spec logs
piyushranjan authored
42 public/browse
43 spec/spec_failing_examples.txt
44 spec/spec_full_report.txt
fd3f48f added gems cache
jay3126 authored
45 spec/spec_report.html
beecfa5 added cash book and bookmarks
Siddharth authored
46 daily_log.rb
47 *bak
48 oink.sed
49 *sql
46a5137 @krishnan-mani Added an SQL script to add 'nullable' column upload_id on various mod…
krishnan-mani authored
50 !lib/tasks/*sql
231efca can choose whether to erase old data on data upload or not
Siddharth authored
51 *bz2
8ec6133 fixed new eod bug
Siddharth authored
52 *xls*
51120fe merge master
Siddharth authored
53 *csv
86ef63d added c_<cache> values to misc tab
Siddharth authored
54 *zip
2d8c361 files added in .gitignore
jay3126 authored
55 profile*html
56 bin/i18n-translate
57 bin/nokogiri
58 bin/rgettext
59 bin/rmsgfmt
60 bin/rmsgmerge
e91bacf .gitignore now ignores docs directory
Siddharth Sharma authored
61 bin/techbook
62 docs/
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