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Mostfit: an MIS for MFIs

This software is build using the Ruby programming language, on top of the Merb web framework and the DataMapper ORM. Mostfit takes a minimal approach, it basically creates the application in the most generic form, yet fully usable for the needs of our clients and beyond. You can see our demo.


A dead-simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt, web-based MIS for MFIs with a decent feature set.

Many software has been written to accomplish this. Not much was written well. Most of it is closed source, so suffers from limited exposure and often stalled development. We try to do is right by creating just enough.


See the file first.

Edit config/dependencies.rb and make sure you have the correct version of the gems required. Edit config/example.database.yml, update the db name, username and password to reflect your database settings and save it as config/database.yml. Then run:

rake mock:load_demo

Go get a cup of coffee when you see text whizzing by and by the time you finish your delicious beverage, the demo fixtures should have been loaded and the system set up for your use. Run bin/merb to start the server.

More detailed instructions are available in our wiki.


Customizing Mostfit is very simple, in most cases not many modifications will be needed in order to fit your needs. In case you want to create different types of loan (different payment schemes and other acocunting details) just subclass from the Loan class in /app/models/loan.rb. There should be already some specific loan types there. For other modifications, like disabeling some functionality or adding a field, we suggest you just modify the code directly.

Any proper Ruby programmer, or software shop, should be able to help you out customizing this tool to their needs.

We use github, that means you can easily host your own branch of this software. That is good for the following reasons:

  • keep up with our updates
  • easily contribute your changes back to the community
  • incorporate community innovation

Which brings us to our goals of sharing costs, being flexible and delivering the best --free for all-- though open innovation.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Intellecap/ISTPL.

Mostfit is available under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3 or (at your option) any later version. You should have received a file named COPYING along with Mostfit. COPYING is the complete text of the license. If you did not receive this file you can find it on the GNU website.

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