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Access control

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MOSTFIT has following types of access rights:

  • Admin
  • MIS Manager
  • Data Entry
  • Read Only
  • Staff Member
  • Funder
  • Accountant

We will see different user rights bellow

1. Admin
When user comes up with Admin rights, he/she can perform any action in the system. There is one default admin user access, the default user name is “admin” & password is “password”. One can change the user name & password of default user but one cannot delete this default user. Action performed by user who is having admin rights as follows

  • Create staff member
  • Create loan product, fees, funder, funding line
  • Create region, area, occupation
  • Create holidays, targets ,doc types, audits
  • Create branch, center, group & client
  • Create custom report
  • Add different business rules
  • Manage Accounting details

2. MIS Manager
The MIS Manager is responsible for managing branches, centers & groups

3. Data Entry
This role is given to the people who are responsible for bulk data entry. In this role user will not get access to other modules.

4. Read only
The Read only access is given to the people who are only allowed to see the data, but should not be allowed to change the data

5. Staff member
User with this access may be branch manager, center manager. In this case the user only get access to the branch or center that managed by him/her.

6. Accountant
Perform accounting related activities

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